Who We Are

A company that builds trust, educates, and customizes the health of each individual through the services of Kinesiology

Personalized one on one training

– You deserve quality training

We believe personal training is an art form that continuously gets mastered through gaining a greater knowledge of the body and all its systems. In order to offer you the best training possible, your trainer must have a great understanding of the human body. Don’t settle for anything less than a regulated health professional for your personal training needs.

A Private Exercise Studio

– Conveniently located right outside the heart of Brampton’s downtown core

Allow us to help you reach your health and exercise goals in the comfort of our private exercise studio. Our fully equipped gym allows you to come and workout without the intimidation of the big commercial gyms. The most ideal place to get trained, come and see for yourself.

What is Kinesiology?

The newest Regulated Health Profession

Kinesiology is the study of the human body, here at Trainsmart Wellness we take a more in depth and scientific approach to personal training to help you unleash your full potential by moving better and mastering the prerequisites to training. Kinesiology is also a regulated health profession now, as a result our services are tax deductible and in some cases you can get coverage from your extended health care plan if your insurance plan covers Kinesiology.

We work with your schedule

– We can accommodate your busy schedule

Our flexible training hours allow us to work with your schedule, whether you prefer those early morning workouts, mid-day or evening. Our Kinesiologists will work with you to help prioritize and schedule your training sessions accordingly.

Top 4 Reasons to Workout

Prevent Health issues – reduce your likelihood of developing chronic disease such as high blood pressure, cardiac disease and other metabolic disorders

Stress Management – reduce stress levels by challenging the body, exercise the body to relax the mind

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – when you exercise, you’re more likely to adopt other healthier lifestyle choices

Feel Confident and Strong – Feel the confidence and strength that comes after a great workout!

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