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Trainsmart 30 Day Challenge

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Trainsmart 30 Day Challenge

“Think of a healthy habit that you can commit to for 30 days”. This was the task I had recently presented to my Trainsmart family. Fairly simple, just pick a healthy habit and see if you can commit to it for a full 30 days.  You can do it too right?



For many of us we try and do too much too soon when it comes to diet, exercise or healthy lifestyle modification. We often know what we need to do to get healthy but at times it can be overwhelming. When we make the decision to change for the better, we usually make the mistake of trying to change all of our ‘bad’ habits all together. And you know attempting to change all at once is not the most effect way to get the long term results we desire.


That is the rationale behind this challenge, by committing to one healthy habit for the full 30 days straight we become specifically goal oriented. The hope is that once the 30 Day challenge is over, the habit you had committed to can now become a more permanent staple in your overall health and well being. You might have heard before that it takes 21 days to form a healthy habit. Regardless of whether this is true or not the most important aspect of creating a habit is consistency.


I’m not asking you to run a marathon daily or go on an extreme diet. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can amount to the greatest results if done consistently, and that’s what we’re aiming for here! If you carry a lot of stress (which is pretty much everyone) maybe try some relaxation techniques daily for 10 min. It can be as simple as going for a walk after dinner. Or if you work out regularly maybe try and incorporate a mobility routine first thing in the morning.


I’m curious to know what  your healthy habit is, feel free to post your challenge in the comment section below. If it’s written down you’ll have to commit!


So what’s your 30 Day Health Challenge?

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