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Green tea for me, Green tea for you

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Green tea for me! Great tea for you!

I am a huge fan of tea, and at risk of being beat up by all the coffee lovers out there I’m gonna even say that it makes a great substitute for coffee especially if you’re trying to lower your caffeine intake. And if you haven’t heard all the hype lately green tea tops the list of must-drink teas. So what’s the big deal?


Green tea itself comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which also happens to be the same plant used to make oolong and black tea. So how does green tea differ you ask? Well for starters it is processed differently. Green tea is processed quickly in order to keep it from being oxidized which is why the leaves remain green unlike the other teas. Because green tea is not fermented unlike oolong and black tea, it has a much lower caffeine content, about ⅓ less than black tea. An 8 oz cup of coffee has about 135 mg of caffeine, that same 8 oz of tea only contains 30 mg making green tea a better choice than coffee, especially if you’re drinking more than one large coffee a day. You could drink 10 cups of green tea a day and still not go above the daily recommended caffeine intake of 300 mg. So go ahead and go wild!


Now if you really need your caffeine then maybe green tea isn’t for you but I can give you a few reasons why it should be.


Because green tea is not fermented the leaves actually retain the all important anti-oxidants in them known as polyphenols! (I won’t apologize for the exclamation mark because polyphenols make me a very happy girl). Due to the disease fighting properties of polyphenols green tea has been touted to be one of the best teas for your health, but is there actual science to back the claim? There have been numerous research articles published on the benefits of green tea. Some of these benefits include weight loss, lower risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, better blood sugar control, as well as a reduced risk of cancer just to name a few.


If you aren’t a tea drinker you may be wondering where to start. Well start with the tea leaves of course! Loose leaf is the best choice when it comes to brewing tea as it will have a higher content of  polyphenols, as well as a better taste (in my opinion). If hot tea isn’t your thing try some green tea as a refreshing glass of iced tea. I like to brew a big pot of tea and leave it to cool. I then mix the tea with lots of ice, some lemon, and a little bit of natural sweetener like honey or agave for taste. It’s one of my favourites especially as the weather starts to heats up.


Now if you still think you don’t like green tea I will challenge you to a duel… not really… but maybe. So before you jump off the tea wagon completely I encourage you to make a stop at T by Daniel in downtown Brampton. Quoted as the “Willy Wonka factory of Brampton” if you can’t find a variety of green tea you like there then I’m sorry to say this but there is probably no hope for you. We should probably break up. It’s not you it’s me… but really it’s you.


In the end we need to make sure we are getting lots of fluids throughout the day, so if you can find something that has no calories and still provides you with some disease fighting benefits then why not try it? So grab that cup of green tea, hold it nice and high and cheers to your health and of course your own awesomeness!


Until next time Live Smart.

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