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Why Exercise does NOT WORK

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Why Exercise does NOT WORK!

You’ve been there before, you had every intention to make the change to better your health. You went grocery shopping and stocked up on all the right foods, you got your gym membership, you got the new shoes and you’re ready to go. They say it’s all about consistency, so it’s been a few weeks now ,and still you haven’t seen the results you wanted, you’re not any closer to the goal you set for yourself. You keep going, it’s been a few more weeks and still no significant changes. By now you’re frustrated and you want to dig into that bag of chips and eat ice cream using a cookie as a spoon. Enough is enough, so what’s going on?


I like to think of exercise as this scientific key, and as we all know a key is meant to unlock a lock. Now think of your body as this lock that you are trying to break open to unleash all this awesome potential that exists in all of us. But you need the key. What is this magic key and how do you find it? A lot of people would turn to their friends, online blogs, instagram, and other fitness buffs that they may come across at the gym in hopes of finding this holy grail.  They’ll give you advice based on what has worked for them. For instance, I found the key to weight loss,  it’s all about long slow runs while drinking grapefruit and cayenne pepper, or I found the key to getting RIPPED it’s about high intensity interval training and eating as much protein as possible…BLAH, etc, etc. Just because one type of training style works for one person, it DOES NOT mean it will work for everybody! Stop trying to use someone else’s key on your lock.


Besides the point, you all know that crazy fad diets don’t work, but what about exercise? Why isn’t it working!  Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to certain types of exercises. The hardest part is finding what works best for you. Take a look at your current program, does the end goal reflect the outcome you have in mind? If so how are you monitoring your progress to ensure you’re on the right track. If it all makes sense and still you’re not seeing the results you wanted then it’s time to reflect and try something new. Grab another key and try it out, instead of long slow runs try high intensity interval training. If machines aren’t getting you the look you want, try a body weight only workout, instead of running try cycling.  At the end of the day if you’re beginning your journey to exercise it might take awhile to find what works best for you. It can be frustrating but look at it as a challenge and a hunt. I promise when you find your key it will change your life.

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