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Why Trainsmart Wellness?

Why would you come to Trainsmart Wellness? Why would you seek the advice and guidance of a Registered Kinesiologist? Why should you work out with a Kinesiologist? The question is there now let’s answer it.


Trainsmart Wellness has been serving Brampton for around 3 years now, we have been fortunate enough to see many people walk through our doors wanting to make a healthier change in their life. Majority of them not really knowing what a Kinesiologist is or what it is that we actually do. Instead of boring you with random facts about Kinesiology, like the fact that we are the most recent regulated health profession in Ontario. Or the fact that we are leaders in exercise programming, human movement, mobility as well as chronic disease management. The list goes on but I want you to continue reading so I shall bore you no longer (unless you like what you’re reading). Rather, what I want to do is highlight how the services of Registered Kinesiologists have impacted the lives of the people we have worked with here at Trainsmart Wellness.  


Our goal is to build more than a business, which is why it is important for us to treat people like more than just clients or patients. When people come to Trainsmart Wellness looking for our knowledge and expertise we welcome them into our community of “Kins”. A play on words from what we offer, but it is important for us to create a kinship, a community of Kins that train, motivate and inspire each other. So it’s only right that we have a name for our group that share a similar interest in becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Keep reading to learn how Trainsmart Wellness is making a difference in the lives of our Kins.


Helping one of our kins come off their medication

By adopting an exercise program geared specifically towards the goals and health outcomes of said kin, this Kin was able to successfully come off of their blood pressure medication in addition to their cholesterol lowering medication. Before working with Trainsmart, this kin had been experiencing what was later discovered as stress induced chest pain. Two paths could have been taken in this circumstance; either the individual continued taking medication for the rest of their life or they adopt an exercise program designed to get them on the right track. They chose the latter and it is with great pleasure that we helped veer this particular kin away from a path that would have led to further chronic disease and/or cardiovascular disease like so many others, to a path of a healthy lifestyle that they have continued with now for the past 3 years.


Exercise or quit your job, you choose


We all have stress, that goes without saying. However what happens when stress starts to negatively impact your life and health to the point where your doctor suggests you need to either quit your job or start exercising in order to relieve some of your stress. For one of our kins the only option was exercise, which wasn’t easy as she had never exercised before in her life. How do you find motivation in something you don’t enjoy doing? How do you go from never exercising to exercising 4 days a week? That is where the services of a Kinesiologist can help challenge you both physically and mentally. The result, a clear mind and a more energetic life.



In depth health consultations uncover potential heart attack

Through the collecting of a thorough health and family history, a Registered Kinesiologist from Trainsmart was able to uncover a partial blockage of an artery within the heart of an individual. By completing a thorough consultation our Kinesiologist was able to ask the right questions to uncover the risks associated with this particular individual. By listening and understanding what the kin was feeling, backed up by the information gathered, our Kinesiologist strongly suggested that the individual go in to see their doctor without raising concern. Upon the visit, it was uncovered that this individual had 85% blockage in one of their arteries. Within the same week they were sent to the hospital for an angioplasty, a simple procedure that widens the artery to reduce the risk of heart attack. This preventative and proactive approach is a great example of how working with a Registered Kinesiologist can help uncover your true state of health.


If you feel as though training, or even just talking with a Registered Kinesiologist from Trainsmart would help improve your quality of life and get you started on your journey to healthier living than book your free consultation here. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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