At Trainsmart Wellness we are more than just a gym, we are Kinesiologists and our mission is to bring Kinesiology to all. When it comes to health and wellness we understand that initiating healthy changes can be overwhelming. It is for this reason that Trainsmart Wellness exists. Our philosophy revolves around our three main principles; knowledge, movement and lifestyle.

The cornerstone of all our programs have always been and will always be Knowledge. It is our knowledge that sets us apart from others and it is our goal to educate people. With the right guidance and support topics such as diet, exercise, chronic disease and movement can be made easy. Movement is our prerequisite to exercise, before creating any wellness program we must first ensure that we are able to move in the capacity that our bodies are meant to move. This is a step that most overlook but it is critical in order to reap the full benefits of exercise. Our programs go beyond exercise, with the proper knowledge and foundation of movements, the same benefits will spill over into your everyday life to create a healthier version of yourself. The end result is a community of individuals who are educated and empowered to make the changes they are seeking. This is our mission and kinesiology is how we achieve it.

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Health Seminars

Let us bring health and wellness to your workplace with our educational health seminars. Choose from a variety of topics including anything from heart health to stress management. Or try something different with our workshops on mobility and stretching to really get your employees moving. These seminars are designed with your workplace in mind. Have a topic you're interested in? Let us know so we can customize a seminar that fits your needs.

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